Run Daily/Weekly/Monthly workflow

To develop a SharePoint Designer workflow and have it run every day, or week, or month at a specific time without the use of an event handler that makes use of the SP timer service is actually pretty easy.
Create a “bogus” document library or list. I prefer a document library.
Copy one! “bogus” file at the time when the workflow should start into the library and configure a retention policy.

Therefore go to the List/Library Settings, find “Information management policy settings” and select the Content Type “Document”.
Enable “Retention” and configure a retention policy:

For 1 day:

This stage is based off a date property on the item
Time Period: “Created” “1” “days”
Action: Start a workflow
Start this workflow: -select a workflow from the list-
(*only workflows available to the list/library will show up here!)
Recurrence: select “Repeat this stage’s action until the next stage is activated … Recurrence period: “1” “days”

For weekly, change the settings to 7 days etc. – but always test the outcome before putting it in production!

* The retention policy will only show and run workflows that are available to the list/library.
Create your workflow as a list workflow or better as a reusable workflow and configure the workflow to the list/library.

For it to show connected to the list/library go to List/Library settings > Add a workflow.


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