Running HTML & JavaScript in SharePoint 2010


Everybody that currently gets his hands dirty on SharePoint 2010 looks at the Content Editor, the SharePoint 2007  “swiss army knife tool ” to run HTML and Javascripts, and is probably surprised that only the Rich Text Editor is left over in this Web Part in SharePoint 2010.

As far as I can see the tool just got split up.

In SharePoint 2010 you now have the Rich Text Editor as “Content Editor Web Part” and the “HTML Form Web Part” to create HTML markup and JavaScript code.

Correction: As it turnes out the Content Editor Web Part still has the Source Code feature hidden in the ribbon.

Add the Content Editor Web Part, click “Click here to add new content”. In the Ribbon’s Editing Tools – Format Text tab, find the HTML drop-down box in the Markup section and select “Edit HTML Source“.

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